We’re continuing to implement Racing NSW restrictions and NSW Health guidelines until further notice.

With NSW COVID-19 cases remaining at low levels and the NSW Government commencing to relax COVID-19 restrictions, Racing NSW has now commenced relaxing some of the restrictions it introduced on 16 March 2020, to allow industry stakeholders the opportunity for increased participation.

We are being extremely proactive and taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our Club’s patrons, staff and community. Following the latest advice from Racing NSW, we continue to implement restrictions on public attendance. 

Wyong Race Club’s thoroughbred race meeting restrictions are being eased. Despite the 1 July 2020 NSW Public Health Orders permitting the admission to spectators to racecourses:

  • by way of tickets to assigned seating areas, with total numbers not to exceed 25% of the capacity of the racecourse or 10,000 persons; or
  • limited to a maximum of 500 persons (subject to 4 square metre rule).

as we have some of our facilities, such as the Sincero Bar, being utilised to assist in the social distancing of essential personnel, the Club is not in a position to take full advantage of the eased restrictions. For our next meeting on 11 July 2020, in addition to essentential personnel, we are only allowing owners and pre-booked Members on-course.

Access to licensed training stables remains closed to the public, including owners, until further notice.

We’re also asking all our staff, business partners, owners, trainers, jockeys and other contractors to adopt enhanced preventative measures and maintain social distancing. 


Race Meetings, Barrier Trials and Trackwork

Attendance by persons working at racecourse

Persons that are engaged in work are permitted to attend race meetings, barrier trials and trackwork without restrictions.

All other attendees

  • Race Clubs are now able to admit racegoers into the racecourse by way of tickets to assigned seating areas or without seating if limited to a maximum of 500 persons.
  • For race meetings where the Race Club has elected to admit racegoers by way of tickets to assigned seating areas, admission to the racecourse is by way of a ticket with each person assigned to a seating area, with total numbers not to exceed 25% of the capacity of the racecourse or 10,000 persons.
  • For race meetings where the Race Club has elected to limit attendance to a maximum of 500 persons and barrier trials and trackwork, the only other restriction on numbers is that the size of the racecourse is sufficient to ensure that there is at least 4 square metres of space for each person.
  • Racegoers are required to provide contact details by way of phone number or email address. If racegoers are attending as part of a discreet group, then at least one adult member of that group (for example, the person who makes the booking or reservation) need to provide contact details. That adult member must provide contact details of all other persons in the group to the Department of Health if requested.
  • Any hospitality areas where food and drink is served is restricted to the total number of customers calculated by allowing four (4) square metres of space for each customer (excluding staff members) in that area.
  • Racegoers should consult with the relevant Race Club in respect of the process for attending race meetings, barrier trials and trackwork, including as to whether the Race Club intends to cap attendance at a maximum of 500 persons or alternatively, offer admission by way of tickets to allocated seating areas. Noting that pre-booking will ensure attendance and avoid disappointment due to capacity restrictions
  • Race Clubs are required to develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan, which includes provisions in respect of physical distancing such as separation of seated groups, ensuring physical distancing between non-household groups, preventing co-mingling of spectator groups and reducing crowding in areas where people stand (including along the railings at racecourses). The approved COVID-19 Safety Plan also provides that alcohol can only be served to seated patrons.
  • Race Clubs and racegoers continue to abide by existing COVID-19 Protocols including social distancing of 1.5 metres, sufficient space for one person per 4 square metres, good hygiene practices at all times and unwell persons not to be permitted access to racecourses.


  • All other restrictions remain in place, including segregation of jockeys and other on course personnel. Temperature checking of jockeys entering the racecourse for race meetings to continue.

Additional Measures for Upcoming Race Meetings:

If you are due to attend Wyong racecourse, we need to ensure an extra precautionary layer before you can access our grounds.

In the interest of public health, please do not visit the Club if you’re:

  • Suffering from coronavirus symptoms or are generally unwell
  • Had close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus
  • Awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test
  • Subject to self-isolation requirements imposed by the Government

The best course of action is to be proactive. Familiarise yourself with the COVID-19 facts. If you suspect you may have coronavirus, or have been in contact with someone who has, you should isolate yourself and immediately seek medical advice.

Call the national Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080, or contact your medical practitioner.

If an event you were due to host at our Club needs to be postponed or cancelled due to updated advice from NSW Health, there will be refund or rescheduling options made available to you. If you have any questions about an upcoming race day, event, or function you are involved in with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

If we act together, we can ensure that Wyong Race Club and its thoroughbred racing community continue to run as close to normal operations as possible in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and our Club wishes your family well at this challenging time.

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