Wyong Race Club Dress Code

Make it an unforgettable day out at Wyong Race Club by dressing up for the occasion! Members have a tradition of dressing smartly for raceday events, and why not?

Our dress code at the Club has some particular requirements, and we ask all patrons to conform to the rules that are in place, but this is an opportunity to bring your best raceday fashion and we encourage everyone to take full advantage! The dress code applies to all who enter the Paul Levick Stand (including non-members).

General Rules

Dress to impress. Although we do have minimum dress standards and a dress code in place, we encourage our guests to put their best foot forward and embrace the raceday with style. We want your day at Wyong Race Club to be unique and memorable! Celebrate the history of racing by dressing up for the premier social events and exciting racedays of the year here at Wyong Race Club.

Please ensure that everyone in your group wears attire that is appropriate and that they dress in a respectable manner. Security has the right to disallow entry or remove patrons who are not properly attired. That being said, dress requirements are much more relaxed for guests seeking general admission.

Those seeking access to the Member’s Stand must strictly adhere to our dress code. To avoid inconvenience on racedays, make sure that your attire and that of your family and guests adheres to the Wyong Race Club dress code as outlined below.

Wyong Race Club Men’s Dress Code

All gentlemen are expected to wear smart casual attire. We know that the term smart casual is ambiguous and that its meaning changes from location to location. These rough guidelines should help determine whether your chosen attire is in accordance with our code. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Appropriate attire should be worn at all times in exclusive members-only areas. Within the Member’s Stand of Wyong Race Club, all gentlemen are expected to wear:

    • A collared shirt. Ties, jackets and blazers are optional.
    • Dress trousers or jeans. Please, no ripped or torn trousers, jeans or tracksuits.
    • Smart and appropriate footwear with socks. Sandals are allowed in summer.

Wyong Race Club Ladies Dress Code

Ladies at Wyong Race Club are expected to wear smart race attire. We have put together some rough guidelines that will help make choosing your raceday outfit easier. Appropriate attire should be worn at all times in exclusive members-only areas. Within the Member’s Stand of Wyong Race Club, Ladies are expected to wear:

    • Neat, smart casual or formal clothing. Please, no ripped or slashed clothing.
    • Headwear, such as fascinators and hats are strongly encouraged but not compulsory.
    • Suitable and appropriate footwear is necessary. Please, no thongs.

Wyong Race Club Children’s Dress Code

Children too are expected to follow our dress code when in the Member’s Stand. Parents are responsible for their children’s attire. Appropriate attire should be worn at all times in exclusive members-only areas. Enclosed footwear and socks are also necessary. Within the Member’s Stand of Wyong Race Club, children are expected to wear:

    • Smart casual trousers or jeans.
    • Smart shorts
    • Collared shirts are greatly appreciated.
    • Headwear is recommended during the warmer months.


To ensure that you are always appropriately dressed when attending a Wyong Race Club raceday, wear clothing that would be fitting for a special occasion. There is no maximum dress code requirement, meaning that you can dress smart or choose to go with more formal attire.

A day at the races is a special occasion and we encourage all patrons to take full advantage of the longstanding tradition of dressing up for a brilliant day out.

Now that you know what to wear, check out our upcoming events here.

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