General Manager – Wyong Race Club role advertised

Wyong has advertised just advertised the newly created position of General Manager. The successful applicant will have a key business development role to play at the Wyong Race Club (Club) to maintain and deliver all aspects of the Club’s strategy.

The primary role of the position is to provide ongoing support to the CEO, while leading the management team on a day to day basis across all areas of the Club’s business.

The role will include working closely with the current CEO and Board to implement the Club’s strategic plan through what promises to be an exciting new era for the Club.

Chairman Garry Whitaker explains that the Board is looking to make this appointment as part of its succession planning for the future. Mr Whittaker said current CEO David Jewell will continue to lead the business,  but over the next 6-12 months it is planned that David will have a greater focus on a couple of major projects currently under development, with the new GM taking over the day to day management of the business.

The newly created General Manager position incorporates responsibilities across all aspects of the Club’s day to day operations including – Business planning and development, Community and stakeholder management, Risk Management, Financial oversight and analysis, Event (raceday) Management, Sales and Marketing, Membership and Sponsorship. An interest or knowledge of the Thoroughbred Racing industry while advantageous is not a prerequisite to your employment in the role. See link below for more details:

Employment Opportunity: General Manager – Wyong Race Club

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