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Discover all the latest racing and industry news and information at Wyong Race Club. Learn more about local trainers with years of expertise in the thoroughbred industry and check out Wyong Race Club track records.

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Track Records

Below you will find the horse racing track records set at Wyong Race Club. Home to some of the greatest horse racing fixtures on the Central Coast throughout the year, our track records showcase some of the finest achievements and records set on our grounds.

Track records are a great way to compare benchmarks of the top-performing horses who have run at Wyong Race Club. Our horse racing track records span back more than 30 years and highlight some of the most impressive horse racing track records set on the racecourse.

Learn more about which horses made a lasting impact on the racetrack. Check out the distance run, the time set and other relevant information that helped them stand out from the crowd. Who knows, the next horse racing track record to be made might happen on your next visit.

Track Records

Distance Horse Date Time Track
1000m Watch The Magic 20/02/2011 0.55.53 (Electronic) Good
1100m Monnie’s Double 05/01/2012 1.02.15 (Electronic) Good
1200m Graceful Anna 06/12/2009 1.07.82 (Electronic) Good
1300m Cindarockinrella 12/09/2012 1.15.22 (Electronic) Good
1350m Supreme Effort 03/03/2016 1.17.50 (Electronic) Good
1600m John’s Project 15/10/1992 1.35.40 (Electronic) Fast
2100m Lord Hybrow (NZ) 30/08/1989 2.07.07 (Electronic) Fast
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Wyong Race Club partners with 25 individual horse trainers who chose to operate from Wyong because of its facilities and location.



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